Thursday, 24 March 2011

Easter Cards!!!! some samples

This card stamped with Stamp it -1734c  Mini Mrs Bunny  and 40790 Happy Easter

Stamp it -Some Bunny 2766E & 4079D Happy Easter

                                    Stampit 342E Let Happy Thoughts

Stamp It- Mini max 1733c & 236D Happy Easter

Stamp It- Mrs Bun 1737F & Happy Easter Script 236D

Stamp it -Max1739E  &  Happy Easter 4079D

All Stamps are in stock now at Collins Craft - be quick as Easter is coming soon!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Crafty Easter Items

Pom Poms and Chenilles sticks great for making little chickens

Foamy Bunny Shapes for decorating

Pre Decorated eggs (great hanging or in a bowl as decorations)

 Easter Grass Shred for filling bakets or boxes

Cute little fluffy chicks for decorating

Shrinking wrappers  for Boiled Eggs

Blank Rabbit Masks to decorate

Easter shaped  Cookie Cutters

Come in and have a look at the great Crafty things (many more than shown here)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Welcome to Collins Craft

Welcome to our "NEW " BLOG - YES we thought it was about time!
Here we hope to keep you informed with all the things that go on  at Collins Craft - here in Balcatta ,West Australia, We will try to keep all of you up to date with the new items that we have coming into the shop continually, Hopefully we can get feed back from you too!  I will be putting up photo's of New and interesting stock, seasonal stock and even Crafty Ideas tfor you to make yourselves.

This is a complete learning experience for me!  So please be forgiving if I goof up!

We have some fabulous Easter Craft items in store at present....Like Easter patterned Cello Bags ( for filling with Yummy Eggs) Rabbit Masks for decorating, fluffy chickens, (just because the're cute) Pom Poms, Chenille sticks,Easter Grass , Egg covers (to shrink onto your boiled eggs) poly egg shapes in lots of sizes,
Easter Rubber stamps, Easter Themed papers.
And because Easter is a great Holiday Break for the family. We have many great Crafts for the kids (and you) to do over the Easter break