Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Time to Snuggle!

Snuggle you say? Isn't this a craft blog- well yes it is, but what I mean is that Autumn is the perfect time to start reflecting on home time & getting started on all those projects you have been going to do. I know I have a list longer than my arm of all the crafty projects I wanted to do over the last few months- and you know what they are still on the list!! Apart from a few hasty cards made as I rush out the door to the event, I haven't really found my creative time that I wanted this year, so I'm hoping that as the weather finally shows signs of turning cool I might get to hibernate inside, get cosy & creative!

What's on my creative list? Well to start with I need a new card stash, so I can avoid the rush to make one- knowing full well I can do better than the sad offering I give to my friends (also as I am the "Crafty Friend" I'm sure they expect & also know I can do better!) I am choosing a few different Kaiser 6x6 pads for this task. Collins Craft has the full range of these little gems & they really are a busy crafters best friend. I like them because the thinking & co-ordinating is already done for you. Based on the Kaiser paper ranges, each pad has all of the matching papers in 6x6 size all in one pad. You can also get tag packs to match. I grab a stack of plain coloured card, some ribbons, flowers or a few little decorative bits & your ready to go! Grab out some stamps or  rub-ons & you can whip up a card stash in no time. I will put a few of my ideas boards using these pads in the store over the next few weeks as I get down to it!!

Next is my photo albums! I am going to take a different approach to this than normal as I really have a lot of photos that have not been printed or made into albums & the thought of scrapping them all is frankly overwhelming, so this time I'm going digital & making some lovely photo books at home! I have done a bit of work to categorise & file my photos on my computer. I have even got them on an external hard drive now, so I won't loose them if my computer decides it's had it, but I do worry that I take loads of beautiful photos & never print any- it's like a tale untold! Collins Craft has a great photo machine in-store- which is fabulous because you can go in, print them out & choose all your scrapping papers right then & there to match- but did you know you can order you photos from your very own home? Yep! Just go to click on photo express@home & in a few minutes you can start ordering your photos, canvas's, photo books & poster collages from your home. The regular size photo will print out at Collins Craft straight away for collection in about 1 hour & the other items take about a week- the girls will give you a call when your lovely artworks have arrived!! I am behind on my year books & would like to do a double page for each month of the year in single year books plus I need to do some holiday books too. We just went to the USA for Easter & took over 900 photos so that will be an interesting task!!

I also want to have a play with the beautiful Mannequin & Eiffel Tower Wall-Art cut-outs from Twiddleybits. They are just stunning but I'm not sure how to fit them into my house?? I will have a play & post some photos when I figure it out!

Also if your after a little inspiration a customer of our lead us to a great site called It has loads of little instruction videos to watch & ideas to take away. Pam spent a bit of time last night watching & said the instructors are great. You can buy product from the site too but we all know you like to support your local store, so if you find something on there you like let us know & we can get it in for you. Thats what we did for the lovely lady who told us about Stamp TV so keep supporting us & we can keep helping you!

Well that's it for now, time to go & snuggle up & get some creating done.
Enjoy the rest of Autumn,
Jay x

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