Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Introducing.......Tailormade Elements Cutting Table/Storage Cabinet.

We start the new year off with a brand new product that is now available to purchase. The Tailormade Elements Cutting Table fits an A1 cutting mat on top of the table, There is a generous amount of storage space underneath the table as well and hidden storage underneath the lid. The dimensions of the table is 100cm x 52cm x 92cm. The top cutting area is 62cm wide which fits the mat nicely with room to spare. This cabinet comes flat pack for easy transport.
Our introductory price is $395.00. This does not include the mat or accessories.
We do have a cabinet in store for show only.
If you do wish to order one we require a 50% deposit when order is placed.
Delivery time is quick.
Next week I hope to upload images of the new products that have arrived in the last few weeks.
Until then happy crafting from the girls @ Collins Craft.

1 comment:

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