Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Pre-Printed Handmade Invitations

About a month ago we recently purchased an invitation program great for designing pre-printed invitations. I have been busy working away trying to get my head around how to use this fabulous new program and I have managed to create a range of pre-printed/handmade invitations to sell in the store. We do only have a small range of invitations at the moment but this will expand in time.
These invitations are C6 size and come in a set of 10 with 10x invitations,
10x white envelopes and 10 magnets.
Have a look at just some of the designs below!

Baby Shower Invitation #1 Green

Baby Shower Invitation #1 Blue


Baby Shower Invitation # Pink
Baby Shower Invitation #2 Apricot
Baby Shower Invitation #2 Blue
Baby Shower Invitation #2 Pink
Birthday Invitation Boy #1
Birthday Invitation Girl #2
If you have any designs you think we show make up please email us at collinsinvitations@eftel.net.au
Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have some more designs to show you.

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